Niklas Sundin - Illustrator / graphic designer


I'm a Sweden based multidisciplinary creative. Since the mid '90's, I've made my living primary as an illustrator and musician, though I've taken on many additional hats and worked professionally with art direction, motion graphics, storyboarding, copywriting, web development/coding, photography, audio production and everything inbetween.

I'm a member of Svenska Tecknare (Sweden’s Illustrator’s society) and have throughout the years been featured in several prolific publications such as Computer Arts, Cap & Design, EFX, Digital Photography + Design and Tecknaren. The client list - mainly amassed through my company Cabin fever media - includes world renowned artists such as In flames, Arch enemy, Amaranthe, Dark tranquillity, At the gates, Sentenced and Soilwork as well as most leading record labels (Universal, The Sanctuary group, Century media, Nuclear blast, Music for Nations, SPV, Metal blade, Spine farm, Toy’s factory to name a few). Outside of music, I've done in-house client work for customers such as Sony Ericssson, Göteborg & CO, ABB, NUTE digital agency, Bravissimo kommunikationsbyrå, Finnlines and many others.

As a visual artist, I've been featured in the group exhibitions Skräckromantikens landskap (the single most visited exhibition in 30 years) at the Gothenburg Museum of Art as well as having held a drawing exhibition entitled Ichtys in Sibiu, Transylvania.

As a musician, I've recorded 11 albums and spent a total of several years touring with Dark tranquillity. We've also been nominated for a Swedish Grammy award three times.