Niklas Sundin - Illustrator / graphic designer



I'm a Sweden based multidisciplinary creative. 

Visual: 15+ years of work experience, both as a freelancer and with in-house projects for agencies. Skillset including but not limited to Motion design (incl. music videos with over 1 million views), Illustration, Photography and Art Direction.

Audial: 15 album recordings, many years spent in tour buses and three Swedish Grammy nominations.

Education: Bachelor of Arts with major in Comparative Literature, University of Gothenburg. Additional university studies include Psychology, Art history, 3D visualisation, Epistemology and various courses related to visual communication, sequential art (well, comics...) and storytelling.

Tools: The Adobe suite, Cinema 4D, Painter, Procreate and a lot more. Some degree of experience with most other industry standard design and audio software. 

Resume and samples of in-house work that can't be publicly displayed here available upon request.